Save your money!!!


I dont know about you guys but ummm….I am tired of being BROKE. Its like you get paid just to struggle. Living paycheck to paycheck and stressed out because you dont understand where you went wrong. So here is a little tip for you over the top spenders and paycheck survivors.

  1.   Sit down and make a list and/or chart of all of your expenses

In your list and/or chart make sure you include EVERYTHING. Like shopping, food, activities, hair products etc. Do not leave anything out.

      2. Highlight the must haves

Go through your list and choose the most important things (MUST HAVES). For example: A place to live – Rent or Mortgage – $1000.00 month.

3. Highlight the do nots

These are the things that you  really do not need or have to do. Example: The liquor store – Drinking – $100 a week.

4. Cut backs

That do not list is taking up unnecessary money. Try cutting down or just stopping all together. Imagine how much money you would have if you just cut off the unnecessary.

5. Add to your savings (If you do not have one, go get one)

Take $50 of that extra $100 and put it in your savings. Or take $20 from every check and put it in your savings.  Then start another savings Or prepaid debit card and add to that every month ($5 – $10).  It dont seem like much and you might feel like thats doing too much. But trust me, It adds up after a while. Then you would have just in case money, travel money, etc.

6. Dont Add

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT add to the debt and extra bills you have. And If you cant afford it DO NOT GET IT!! Stay within your means. It dont make since to show boat and be broke at the same time people. Example: Car note – $500.00 a month, but your income is $1000.00 a week after taxes 😦

It’s always a way of doing better. You shouldn’t have to live pay check to pay check if you dont want to. Its all about your thought process. 🙂




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